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Ding Ding
Chick’n Wing – $8

Beyond Meat™ southern fried chick’n strips, housemade chili-maple syrup or “club style” with greens, rosemary aioli + tomatoes

Po’ Boy {v} – $8

fried brussels sprouts, portobello mushrooms*, cabbage + carrots*, rosemary aioli

Beedog – $8

BBQ Chik’n served on cabbage + carrots

Waffëncheese – $6

an egg your way, Dubliner cheddar, tomato*, greens*, rosemary aioli

Scram {v}

turmeric tofu*, kale*, raw sunflower seeds*, chia seeds*, sesame seeds*, lemon-herb roasted potatoes*, ‘sausage’, thyme aioli


Monk {v} = $7

peanut butter*, granola*, banana, Nutella or raw vegan chocolate, coconut whip

PBJ {v}

seasonal jam* + peanut butter*

* = organic ingredient

** all sweet sandwiches can be {v} vegan

Seasonal / Retired

Nawlins {v}

red bean + rice burger*, greens*, tomatoes*, aioli

Scout {v}

apple*, peanut butter, granola*, housemade syrup


peanut butter, banana, Nutella or vegan chocolate sauce


local honey-roasted turkey, munster, strawberry-rhubarb jam*, greens*, thyme aioli

Hömus {v}

house-made hummus*, seasonal vegetables*, greens*, balsamic reduction

Vinny {v}

Denver Seitan Co.® Sicilian, tomato-basil sauce*, Teese® ‘mozzarella’

Gingah {v}

seasonal fruit*, ginger syrup*, granola*, coconut cream

Nana {v}

banana*, housemade granola*, coconut cream

Drop Tha Beet {v}

sprouted lentil + beet burger*, sunflower seeds*, greens*, cheesy nooch sauce*

Dirty Bird (Gone)

two pieces of fried chicken between two waffles, housemade chili-maple or club style

Add Ons:

cheddar | bacon | Sriracha | coconut cream | portobellos | raw vegan chocolate | Nutella